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Martial Arts & Karate in Overland Park

At AKKA we take pride in being a Family Martial Arts School in Overland Park. We offer classes in Martial Arts, Karate and Kenpo Karate for children starting as young as 3 years old. We offer the great experience of being a family while you sweat, smile, and learn! 

We are a highly motivated, success minded, goal-orientated professional martial arts organization. Students will develop self-confidence and self-discipline while developing coordination, balance, flexibility, and increased strength. 

Students will benefit from positive character development, self-defense, fitness, stress relief, and conflict resolution, from Kansas City's largest Martial Arts organization. Our professional staff is honored and devoted in the process of providing positive individual attention to all the students in our community and supporting them in achieving their goals.

We believe this leads to self-respect and compassion toward others. We further pledge to maintain a safe, clean, and family orientated training environment focusing on the development of positive values in our community of Overland Park.

OUR GOAL IS CLEAR...                        TO HELP YOU REACH YOURS!

Punch Cards and Birthday Parties!

AKKA Birthday Parties are the bes